During the Covid-19 epidemic, stay safe, enjoy your class from home:


Pilates Equipment Based Classes, Private Sessions and Group Practice Sessions:

Private, Semi-private, Small Group Practice Sessions and Reformer Classes by appointment Monday to Friday.  

Private Sessions are a great way to learn good fundamentals, to deal with personal goals or to advance your group practice program.

Group Practice sessions were used in Joseph’s Pilates New York studio exclusively from the start.  Group Practice is the best way to learn. It combines learning and practicing with your own personalized program while sharing your teacher with two other students. You can use all the equipment including a Reformer, Trapeze Table (“Cadillac”), Ladder Barrel, Spine Correctors, Wunda Chair, Mat and Ped-a-Pul.

Reformer classes are fun too; everyone is doing the same exercises at the same time so the teacher sets the pace.  A maximum of 3 students per class.

Myofascial Stretching:

A safe, symmetrical and effective way to create space and balance in the body. Based on the work of Guy VOYER D.O.  the stretches include tensioning and alignment of the muscles and joints in an associated fascial chain.  The stretches build strength all over and especially in your back while making you feel taller.

In your home:  Personal home based fitness programs.

Short Box with Stick 8x10