My name is Doris Wakeman. After several years of owing a studio in Ottawa and working with 7 wonderful teachers, Peter and I moved to Ajijic.  Certified by the Pilates Method Alliance I have completed teacher certifications with Pam Forth (Forth Pilates) and Diane Miller (Vancouver Pilates Center), have studied with Mairin Wilde and Ron Fletcher.  I have attended numerous workshops including Back Wellness, Osteoporosis, Bone Building, Advanced Program Design and more.  I trained to teach Myofascial Stretching at the Sutherland Academy of Osteopathy, a program developed by Guy Voyer D.O. and in Franklin Techniques through numerous Workshops including Pelvis, Jaw, Neck and Shoulders, Spine, Breath, Happy Feet, Psoas, Knee and Fitness Conditioning.

The Pilates Ajijic studio includes 3 Reformers, 3 Wunda Chairs, a Ped-a-Pul, 3 Spine Correctors, a Foot Corrector and lots of small apparatus including, 2 TRX’s and with more things to come.

My specialty is personalized programs, taught in private or semi-private sessions and practiced in small groups.  This is similar to the personal training style taught in the studio of Joseph and Clara Pilates, nearly 85 years ago in New York City.  The benefit of supervised movement training is in the dramatic improvements you achieve because of the personal coaching, feedback, your bodies alignment is checked so that you are strengthening in good form, improving your mechanics, you get personal cues that are specific, personal encouragement, even homework.  In this way students can learn what they need to, at their own pace, their body and mind working together.  If you are looking for a personal trainer in Ajijic you will find this an interesting program.

I really enjoy this work and have found Pilates to be rewarding and beneficial for everyone. So far my students have ranged in age from 14 to 84, from competitive athletes to people recovering from surgery to those with special mental health requirements.  It’s fun, it does not cause aches and pains, changes are dramatic and you see the whole body and mind developing.  It’s an owner’s manual for your body and in some ways works like a fountain of youth.