The book by J.P. published in 1945 was titled “Return to Life Through Contrology”.  Contrology (Pilates) is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.  

A strong, well functioning body with freedom to move with “spontenaity, zest and pleasure” was how Joseph Pilates defined physical fitness. 

It is a practice of intelligently designed movements that are performed fluidly, faciliated by breath and concentration.   It conditions the body, mind and central nervous system so that you can move with greater ease, range  and energy.  It reduces stress significantly, makes you feel better and look better.  Through this work you discover more about yourself with each practice, continuously and gently moving to a better version of you.  

The equipment designed by Joseph Pilates provides support and aids alignment.  It is suitable for all kinds of conditioning and rehabillition and is often used by physiotherapists.   Some of the equipment that uses springs for resistance at the studio are Reformers,   Wunda Chairs, a Ped-a-pul and a Foot Corrector.  The moving platforms of the Wunda Chair and Reformer are representative of daily life where the body is often weight loaded and moving at the same time.  The curved surfaces of the Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector offer support while moving the spine in every direction.  People have found the Foot Corrector very useful for combating foot pain from arthritis.

In general Pilates will help get your body moving better while you do your strength training.  The outcome is more freedom in your joints and soft tissue, less pain or no pain, less stress, improved muscle tone, strength, balance and more control.  

Jospeph Pilates assisting a dancer at his NYC studio